Movie Monday: Pompeii (2014)

I know this isn’t strictly a Movie Monday type of film, but I was bored and it was on Amazon.


I’m not going to bother summarising the plot, because there’s a wonderful review┬áby our own skerryflower over on sister blog The Bad Movie Marathon. So I’m just going to say that I spent the first thirty or forty-five minutes of this thing wondering about some of the oddball choices the filmmakers had made, such as calling Jon Snurr “the Celt” in a setting where the vast majority of people, insofar as anyone said “Celt,” would think of themselves as Celts.

And then I realised something about the structure of this film which I will express in visual form.


All of it makes sense then! Russel Crowe is “the Spaniard,” which makes (sort of) sense since he isn’t actually in Spain and therefore it’s a distinctive trait. So Kit Harrington is “the Celt” even though that’s like a guy in Texas calling himself Texas Pete.

Though I’m not convinced that term was in common use any more than I’m convinced that Pompeii saw itself as a totally distinct polity menaced by Rome rather than a part of the Roman empire. But whatever;┬áthis is a Rome movie, so Rome has to be the evil empire no matter how wildly inappropriate that concept is.

Movie Monday: Pompeii (2014)