My Writing on the Web

I complain about history, sure, but it’s not absolutely all I do. On this page you’ll find some links to things I have written elsewhere.

I blog about terrible movies with my friend Luke at Bad Movie Marathon. If you like the Movie Monday feature on this blog, chances are you’ll find me writing similar things about non-historical subjects equally entertaining.

I blog about gaming here.

I write book reviews for Fortean TimesMainly on historical and archaeological topics, but I’ve drifted a little into literature and comics lately. I encourage you to read these in the magazine, because it’s very good.

I have written an article or two about making wargames terrain for Combat Zone Chronicles.

I wrote an episode of horror podcast Midnight Circle.

You can find The Lairs of Cthulhu, my talk about Lovecraft and archaeology, here. I gave a second talk, The Lairs of Cthulhu: The Hollywood Years, also available online.



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