The feel of history happening

Unless you’ve been asleep (which, in fairness, some people have), you’ll have noticed that a large and far-reaching historical change has just happened in my country. Quite apart from my views on the matter, which I’m always happy to discuss in person or on G+ or whatever, I think it’s an interesting lesson in the progress of history.

In case you’re wondering, I do not like the experience of history happening to me. It means staying up all night wondering what’s going to happen as a result of things that are at least mostly outside my control. I suppose it teaches you some empathy for the bad decisions people find themselves faced with — most of them much, much worse than the ones I’m still speculating about.

In almost completely unrelated news, I am going on holiday from tomorrow for a week, so posts on the blog will be sporadic if there are any. Normal service should be restored the week after next.

The feel of history happening

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