Writing every day

One of the reasons I started this blog was to get into the habit of writing something — sometimes something informative, sometimes just something casual — every day. And, between this one and my gaming blog, I am usually able to stick to that schedule of updating every weekday.

Mind you, that’s quite apart from writing I do for work or other projects, which varies from “not a lot” at peak teaching season to “thousands of words a day” at other times.  My point really is that this all adds up to a number of outgoing words that’s often far in excess of the incoming words. I don’t get as much time — well, let’s be honest, make as much time — to read as I’d like, and often the history I read is for review or for class. This all adds up to the worry that I’m not writing things that are as substantial as I’d like.

Like this, for instance; it’s just me thinking out loud, and is more what you might call a personal blog than a proper history one. And lately I’ve been doing a lot of that, which is not so great, but I just haven’t had the incoming inspiration material to write anything different. I hope that now that my work schedule is moving around a bit I will have more directly historical stuff to say. I suspect next week I’ll write a weary thing about historical skepticism. And then maybe a book review if I finish in time.

Writing every day

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