Long weekend fatigue

I have been away over the weekend, and I’ve been sufficiently busy that I have not found much to write about. I saw some nice late-medieval/Renaissance buildings while I was running around, but I was doing too much running around to really think about them or even take a lot of pictures.

The end of term is approaching for my history students (they go back to their parent school for a few weeks), and I’m just finishing up marking here. I always end each year with a feeling of … hopelessness. Given the limits of my time, my resources and my abilities, I always feel like I’ve only begun to make a dent. Some subjects may make sense to teach in a particular sequence, but funnily enough history isn’t really one of them, and I don’t necessarily feel like I’ve left my students with much more than a glancing familiarity with the topic.

I don’t know what else I can do, though; I suppose they know a little more than last year’s bunch.

Long weekend fatigue

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