So sleepy.

It’s been a busy few weeks, and I don’t have a brainy thing to say at the moment. I have started in on some of the history podcasts, which are making me think about how I learn and recollect stuff. I’m sure I’m missing a lot, because I only listen when I’m doing something else, which means that my attention periodically gets distracted. Unlike a book, however, the podcast just keeps going, so when my mind snaps back to (at least partly) paying attention to it, I’ve probably missed some things.

However, the result so far seems to be that I’m learning the kind of bits and pieces that I know about most periods of history. And honestly, most of the time that’s what I wind up using, either as setting detail in a game, an illustrative quote in a lesson or whatever. So I would say that they’re working as intended, although one of these days I am still going to sit down and read up on one or two of these subjects. Whenever I get the chance.

So sleepy.

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