I liked some towers

So we were in King’s Lynn the other day, walking around, looking at historical things, breathing in the fresh sea air, all that sort of thing. I was particularly pleased by some towers I saw.

The one on the right is the objectively better one.

This is Saint Margaret’s church, also just called King’s Lynn Minster, and it’s pretty cool. My favourite part of the facade is, of course, that right-hand tower. See how the towers don’t match at all? The lower level of the one on your right is original, dating (I believe) to the very late 11th or very early 12th century. The foundation itself is 1095, but you know how these things go. I don’t know why the complete asymmetry of the towers appeals to me so much, but it does; I love it when things are the way they are rather than the way they “ought” to be.

I also like the still-standing tower of the former Franciscan friary.


I like that they knocked the whole thing down except for the bell-tower, apparently because it was a handy landmark for sailors. That’s using your noggin. I also like the little side-turret thing there on the right, which I believe contains a staircase — a very cramped staircase to judge by the size of it.

Anyway, I saw some towers. It was nice.

I liked some towers

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