Brief book update

The end of the month sees even more relaxation of deadline anxiety (hopefully), so I will be able to get around to looking at this pile of books-to-read and recent acquisitions.


I’ve read the Hopkirk already, but I found it in a charity shop and realised I don’t own a copy, so that’s going on the shelf. Underworld of the East is some weirdo maybe-hoax drug journal with an introduction by Mike Jay, so why not; it’s another charity-shop acquisition. The two medieval books are review copies for Fortean Times and the others are interesting history books borrowed from generous friends. I have started Colonel Blood but not got far with it.

That, plus a couple of novels on the Kindle, should keep me reading for a little bit; I’m quite slow compared to a lot of my friends, especially since I often carry around enough teaching-related books and equipment that I can’t carry other books with me when I’m out working.

Brief book update

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