Winding down for the holidays

It’s not that I’m going to be unproductive over Christmas, but I’m not going to be doing much online: I’m going to be painting, catching up on my reading (I’ve already finished a couple of long-postponed books) and generally trying to get the chaos of my work/intellectual life under some kind of control. Next week I should be back to something like more regular posting, hopefully with slightly more substantive posts for everyone.

It’s been a busy year — I’ve started more projects than I’ve finished, and of course we also bought a house — but I think that in many ways it’s been successful. Not absolutely perfect, but I’m still reasonably proud of it.

I will try to get the Robot Face Smith Holiday Special out on Friday — I’m just not going to have time today, which is a shame because I usually try to get ol’ Smithy out on Wednesdays. But Friday is more appropriate anyway.

Winding down for the holidays

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