I stayed up late for foolish reasons two out of the last three nights, and I am writing this post in a state of slight doziness. I was just thinking that it has been an interesting couple of days in terms of the history I’ve had to talk about. Today alone I’ve tutored about 17th-century Ireland and England, the Vietnam war, the Italian invasion of Abyssinia and a leetle about early 19th-century stuff, although mostly literature.

I always thought of myself as a hedgehog, but lately I’m quite enjoying being a fox.

I promise that I will return to the subject of representation in historical fiction at some point, but right now my brain is too fuzzy.

Speaking of fuzzy (heyoooo!) I have just recently uploaded yet another episode of the Doctor Who podcast I co-host. That’s up to three, count ’em three episodes! Why not check it out?


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