I feel like making a badge

… or a sign or something.

As you know, I spend a good deal of my time talking about history to folks. And one of the things I say the most is something like “I’m oversimplifying.” That’s largely because much of that time is spent explaining things quickly — like in a history class, or a tutoring session, or a podcast, or a blog post. It’s been a long, long time since I wrote anything really long.

And honestly, I’m OK with the not-writing-long things part. I am currently writing a project that’s about 40,000 words, so that’s a nice change, but it’s not common. I find that boiling things down to an explanation that’s simple and memorable without being completely wrong is a really pleasing challenge.

But it does involve a lot of simplification.

I think I should get a badge or like a light that would go on that just says oversimplifying. That way I wouldn’t feel guilty about misleading people or feel like I had to provide constant disclaimers.

I feel like making a badge

One thought on “I feel like making a badge

  1. Arlene Holloway says:

    You could always get a tattoo, and just flash it when necessary. Only two drawbacks: I believe they hurt, and I don’t like them.

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