TV Tuesday mini-post: more Last Kingdom

So The Last Kingdom continues, and more or less in the vein I presumed it would. Uhtred doesn’t have the brains to close the windows when it snows, Alfred is the kind of devious swine who founds great nations, and Ragnar is a big dumb charming loaf.

The most interesting thing about this episode (which may come from the novel; it’s been many years since I read it and I can’t remember) is the attempt to imagine what being a hostage in the early middle ages actually means. Are you in a cell? Are you an honoured guest? What’s the deal? Presumably the answer is that it varies in awkward ways, but Guthrum’s initial intro was relatively plausible.

The fortress was a bit … castle-y for the early middle ages, but honestly if you were going to lock a dude up in a building, a church might do nicely. I thought Guthrum’s moody, brooding personality was quite good; even if we know pretty much zip about the historical Guthrum in terms of what he was like, this fits with what we know about his behaviour and kiiiiiind of Chesterton’s portrayal of him in The Ballad of the White Horse, so whatever.

I can’t decide whether Ragnar, Guthrum or Uhtred has the stupidest, least appropriate armour. I think it goes to Uhtred for wearing his sword on his back like a dingdong.

It is late and I am for bed; sorry about the delay but I was getting drunk and watching old Shaw Brothers movies (and modern ninja flicks). Living the dream.


TV Tuesday mini-post: more Last Kingdom

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