Welcome Lovecraft fans!

If you’re just visiting this blog from Tentaclii, welcome! I hope you enjoy reading. If you like the stuff you find here, may I recommend some other Lovecraftian things I’ve written that you might enjoy?

Over on another blog I write for, Bad Movie Marathon, we’re reviewing HPL-based movies in a foolhardy project we call The Summer of Lovecraft

Also, I have a gaming blog, on which I have written a few Lovecraft-relevant pieces such as Part 1 and Part 2 of “What Makes a Monster ‘Lovecraftian’?”

And of course I wrote a Lovecraft-inspired novella set in the 9th century, The Barest Branch, available in the ebook format of your choice as long as it’s .mobi or PDF from Amazon UK, Amazon US or DriveThru. Or if you’re in Japan or whatever, you should just be able to search for it on your local Amazon and it’ll come up.

Thanks for reading!

Welcome Lovecraft fans!

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