Lovecraft, art, other stuff

Expect sporadic posting for a little while as I travel for the rest of the week. However, while this blog slows down I want to point your attention to something I’ve been working on elsewhere!

Over on Bad Movie Marathon, pal Luke and I are trying to review as many film adaptations of the work of HP Lovecraft as we can between now and his birthday, August 20th. We call it … Summer of Lovecraft.

I made it myself. Shittily.
I made it myself. Shittily.

So if you enjoy Movie Monday on this blog, or any of the previous stuff I’ve written about HPL, why not head over there and see what happens when I stop reading about sights humankind wasn’t meant to see and start actually watching them? I’ll be back next week with a new trip report, some TV Tuesday and maybe a return appearance from that loveable scamp Smith.

Lovecraft, art, other stuff

2 thoughts on “Lovecraft, art, other stuff

  1. Been absent from your blog for awhile. Finally caught up, and just in time for Summer of Lovecraft (hooray!) I also like Turn for no clear reason. I particularly enjoyed Hewlett amputating his own frost bitten toes and then stabbing Simcoe. Not all at once,though that would’ve been bad ass.

    1. Good to have you back! And yes, I think Hewlett is probably my favourite character so far — such a great mixture of principled, ruthless, smart and completely dense.

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