A note on scheduling and things

Hi all,

For a long time this blog has been a bit patchy — I’ll have a long run of posts, then nothing for a while, then something, and so on. This is partly because of my work schedule, which follows the traditional freelancer’s oscillation between “frantic” and “stagnant.” It’s also due to other demands on my time, from the fun (games, friends) to the stressful (buying a house!).

But it’s also also because of other stuff I write. For instance, long stretches of not much happening on this blog often coincide with heavy posting over at my gaming blog. There are also periodic posts on Bad Movie Marathon — and there will probably be more, as we’re currently planning a big themed event. Watch this space, or ideally that one, for more details.

And then lastly I’m working with an old friend on yet another project which we hope to launch this summer. So even within the time in my life I’ve set aside for non-gaming solitary creative pursuits, it’s a bit divided.

As a result, I’ve decided to structure it a bit more! From now until my motivation runs out, I’m going to try not to update more than one blog a day, but to try to update at least one per day. So if there’s no post on here, that probably means there’s something on one of the other ones, and if there are no posts there, that means there’s probably a post here.

I am pleased to say that I started this rule on Monday, and I have broken it on 100% of days since then, since I posted here yesterday and did a review of Ghost Shark for Bad Movie Marathon. And then, of course, today I did a gaming post and this one. Still, let’s hope that’s the exception.

My attempt to get the blogs organised — ooh, and to write and publish more fiction, did I mention that? Well, you’ll hear more about it when it’s actually successful, but it’s happening — is part of my desire to write more of the kind of thing I want to write and thereby balance out some of the stress of writing stuff for clients.

It would perhaps be tasteless, but I’m gonna do it anyway, to allude at this point to the fact that my Lovecraft-Viking-horror-novella thing The Barest Branch is available on Amazon.co.uk, as well as US Amazon and DriveThru. I mention this merely in passing.

A note on scheduling and things

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