Here Be Derpins

On Sunday I went with buddy Chris (whose new steampunk fiction blog you should check out) to a wargames show held at the Crystal Palace Sports Centre. I wrote about the show itself over on my gaming blog. Afterward, we went for a bit of a stroll around the park to see the famous dinosaurs.

These are fascinating artefacts. Built in and around 1854, they were apparently the first attempt to model dinosaurs in three dimensions. They are, as the Friends of the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs website points out, “wildly inaccurate.” And furthermore, they’re just … well, see for yourself.

20141012_143914 20141012_143819-EFFECTS 20141012_143744 20141012_14373320141012_144141

A fearsome call echoes across the prehistoric landscape:


Seriously, though, it’s really neat to see these goofy missteps in the history of palaeontology become a thing that people take their children (and small dogs) to see. And I support the activities of any historical preservation group that dresses people up in pith helmets and poses them next to dinosaurs.

This bust of the guy who designed the original Crystal Palace is kind of alarming, though:

Here Be Derpins

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