Valentine’s Day with the Normans

bohemond It’s that time of year, folks! It’s Valentine’s Day, or at least it will be! A time of year when many of us have questions about love and the heart. And who better to answer them than Bohemond of Taranto, otherwise Bohemond of Antioch, 11th-century Crusader and Italo-Norman warlord?

For this week only, we’ll be taking your questions about love and relationships and passing them on to Bohemond for answers. If you want the Prince of Antioch to answer your question, just post it in the comments here or on one of our social media sites (if you got here though Facebook or G+, for instance) or Tweet it to @gonzohistory.

We’ll post questions and answers on Friday!

Valentine’s Day with the Normans

One thought on “Valentine’s Day with the Normans

  1. bradford174 says:

    Dear Bohemond,

    My wife is making me go on this long foreign trip. Her father is a bit overbearing, and it’s a trait she’s inherited. I just sort of finished one and keep wanting to come back, and the abuse I get from my Adelicakes is crazy! She basically questions my manhood.

    We’ve got a kid and I think I should be there as a father; otherwise what’s the boy going to amount to!!!!

    Please advise.

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