A few quick links to things that might be interesting. Possible actually content tomorrow.

All-around good person Tera Pruitt is the first thesis cited in this HuffPo article about the hilarious and depressing LOL My Thesis site. I have previously discussed her work.

Corpses of soldiers from WW1 are melting, Otzi-style, out of the ice in Alpine glaciers. It is sad as hell.

You can summarise Beowulf effectively in 100 tweets. 

I am sure I had one other but I can’t remember what it was.

My study is currently a terrible mess, and miniatures I am waiting to paint are on the bookshelves. I feel kind of bad about my little toy soldiers being in front of this big row of depressing-ass books about the sufferings of millions in WW2. There may be a post in here about being a historian and a wargamer; I don’t know.


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