The Charity-Shop Bookstore of the World

I have mentioned before, like in every other post or so, that I have this thing with impulse-acquiring books. I don’t really have the collector gene — my shelves are pretty well-stocked, but contain large numbers of beat-up old paperbacks. I read for data, mainly, although there are some books where I love the visual component (I wrote about the Yeavering excavation report earlier, for instance). 

So the reason that there have been no posts for the last couple of days is that I have been celebrating my birthday. Which was lovely, I should say. Several of my acquisitions will wind up being the subjects of their own posts. But the one that inspired this one is the Kindle. 

Oh dear, the Kindle. 

You see, I have this problem where I just acquire data sources. Like, I bought that 18th-century farm wife’s memoir hoax thingy because it was 50p and it was right there. What use do I have for an 18th-century farm memoir, real or fake? None. But it was 50p and it was right there. 

People digitise stuff for the Kindle and just stick it on Amazon for free. This generally falls into two categories: 

a) old stuff that is in the public domain, and 

b) self-published fantasy novels with ugly “covers”. 

It is, as you might expect, category a) that concerns me. Thus far, the titles I have acquired include, but are not limited to: 

The Letters of Queen Victoria

How to Behave: A Pocket Manual of Republican Etiquette (1887)

Twentieth Century Inventions: A Forecast

Travels in Tartary, Thibet, and China during the years 1844-5-6

The Treaty Held with the Indians of the Six Nations at Philadelphia in July 1742

Conduct of Sir William Howe

and on and on and on and on. I will certainly never read them all; I will probably never read most. But that isn’t what matters, really. What matters is that if I ever want to know what the 20th century’s going to be like (dramatic improvements in windmill technology!) I can look it up. 

In other words, I might be posting a little sporadically for a bit. 

Movie Monday returns tomorrow, though!

The Charity-Shop Bookstore of the World

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