Today’s post is mostly a link that I think you will enjoy. I have spoken in the past about how fascinating I find people in the past’s view of the past. There is also, of course, the question of how people in the past saw the future. The answer in many cases is apparently “dumbly”. 


Yeah, the coming war in the Pacific is going to be won by America’s dirigible fleet, all right. (Although that actually wasn’t as loony as it sounds given the limitations in long-range scouting at the time this article was written, I guess.)

Anyway, this image (it’s larger in the original) is from the excellent Modern Mechanix blog. It has hundreds — hell, thousands, I don’t know — of articles and ads from old Modern Mechanics, from the turn of the century up into the 80s but mostly concentrated in the golden age of kitsch, unlikely futurism, lazy consumerism, technological gee-whizzery and unexamined racism. It is amazing


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