My talk went well

I don’t have a huge amount of detail to post here, although hopefully I’ll have something more interesting to say for myself tomorrow. Yesterday was my talk at Treadwell’s Books, a superb London esoteric bookshop that hosts all kinds of classes, lectures and events, ranging from magical workshop to awesome talks like, well, mine. But also next Wednesday’s talk, “Hocus Pocus: Witches in Film,” looks very interesting.

I also ran into another archaeologist who is going to be presenting at next month’s Monstrous Antiquities conference. I’m very excited — I’m glad that having failed to become a proper academic doesn’t mean I have to abandon the joys of conferences. They are one of those environments in which someone you just met becomes your bestest buddy. 

During the writing of my presentation, one blog I read a lot of was Tentaclii, which is not only a cool blog but a tremendous resource for Lovecraft scholarship. Not all of what I read wound up in the presentation, because of course I wasn’t really talking about Lovecraft specifically that much, but I did use the Alfred Adler story, so it behooves me to give the man his propers. Also, everyone in the audience wanted to talk specifically about Lovecraft, so maybe I should have. 

Um, what else? I bought a book on Cleopatra’s Needle the other day, then went and stood next to it with my wife’s relatives, but since I didn’t actually read the book I was none the wiser. 


My talk went well

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