A quick post: swag!

In one of my day jobs, I teach history in a local further education institution. This has its benefits and its drawbacks, but today I want to talk about the benefits. As I was passing by the library, I saw a couple of tables of books — withdrawn stock being given away. Now, there isn’t much point in getting contract law textbooks a couple of years old, particularly if, like me, you don’t give a hoot about contract law. But I did come away with a few good freebies! Observe: 



That subtitle, in case it isn’t clear from the photograph, is With a 17th-c. Conversation between a Periwig-Maker and a Gentleman buying a Periwig. Which seems like a reasonable conversation to have. 






Don’t you love Shire Books? I do. Their earnest collections of pipe-stems and hedgerows. So fascinating! The contents fascinate me as much as the fact that they exist — that someone has put in all this work to catalogue dozens of forms of lamppost or pillar-box or whatever. 

A quick post: swag!

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