Names again

It is late and I am tired, so forgive me for this short update. Today I want to draw your attention to someone to whom my attention was drawn by friend-of-the-blog Alex. He was just an ordinary sort of guy, but he had an amazing name. I give you: 



Lieutenant-General Sir Manley Power. 

Yeah, you read that right. Manley Power. Look at the smug face on that guy. That is the face of a man who knows that his name is Manley Power. He also had a great-grandson, Admiral Sir Manley Laurence Power. 

I have nothing to say about either of them, historically speaking. They were both distinguished officers, fought in the conflicts of their days (Napoleonic and WWII, respectively), got some medals and whatnot. 

Mainly I just … I mean … 

come on! General Sir Manley Power.

Names again

One thought on “Names again

  1. I like it. I enjoy some of the funny cricketer’s names I come across at work. Jack Crapp is and will always be my favourite, I still can’t say it see it or think about it without laughing. I also quite like Brian Brain – but it’s more confusing than funny.

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