A short post

Today I was in Ely, which is nice, and I passed by Oliver Cromwell’s house. 

Now, Oliver Cromwell’s house is basically a museum that will teach you about Cromwell and his age. And that’s all good. But there is, other than that, no real value in knowing that the house in which the Cromwell museum is situated in Cromwell’s actual house, is there? 

And yet, it does matter, but for reasons that I don’t think we can apply logic to. 

I am not religious, but seeing the Coppergate Helmet in York is probably the closest I have ever come to a numinous experience. It did not educate me to see it in the flesh; I’ve read the detailed excavation report. But it mattered somehow. 

Cornelius Holtorf has a good story about this which I might talk about tomorrow when I am not exhausted. 

A short post

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