Awesome names: second in a series

Today has been another long day, so with the promise of a proper update tomorrow I will spend today talking about names again. These ones, as I promised, are from vikings, specifically people who appear in Icelandic sagas. I’ve tried to leave out very famous people like Olaf the Peacock or Aud the Deep-Minded (although notice that I just included them!) and focus on slightly less well-known characters. Notice also that a lot of these people have the same first name, which gives you some idea of the usefulness of by-names. To begin, then: 

Thorbjorg Ship-Breast, Thorbjorg the Little Prophetess, Thorbjorg the Pride of the Farm, Thorkel the Thin, Thorkel Scratcher, Thorkel Pup, Thorolf Red-nose, Thorolf Stuck-up, Thorgrim Skin-hood, Thorstein Cod-biter, Thorarin the Evil, Thora of the Embroidered Hand, Thorgeir Lamb, Thorgeir Earth-long, Thorhalla Chatterbox, Thorodd Helmet, Thorolf Blister-pate, Sigrid the Ambitious, Thorfin the Skull-splitter, Thordis Stick, Thord Hobbler, Thord Horse-head, Thord the Cat, Thord the Coward, Sigtrygg Travel-quick, Sigtrygg Silk-beard, Skeggi the Dueller, Solvi Chopper, Goat-Bjorn, Ref the Sly, Ozur Snout, Orm Broken-shell, Ljot the Pale, Ketil the Lucky Fisher, Ketil the Slayer, Ketil Thistle, Ketil Steam, Olaf the Quiet, Beard-Avaldi, Strut-Harald, Helgi the Spy, Helgi the Lean, Helga the Fair, An Bow-bender, An Red-cloak, Hallvard Travel-hard, Hallfred the Troublesome Poet, Halfdan the Mild and Meal-stingy, Halfdan White-leg, Hallbjorn Half-troll, Hallbjorn Slickstone-eye, Gunnlaug Serpent-tongue, Sheath-Grani, Grim Hairy-cheeks, Geirmund Thunder, Eyvind the Plagiarist, Eysteinn Fart, Einar Fly, Audun the Uninspired, Breeches-Aud, Atli the Squinter, Abjorn the Fleshy, Asgeir Scatter-brain, An Twig-belly. 

So, yeah. Audun the Uninspired! That’s cold. 

Hey, you want to hear an Icelandic saga joke? 

Q: How many Icelanders does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 

A: There was a man named Ketil. Ketil’s father was called Bjorn, and his father … 

Also, last day for the banner contest is tomorrow! I said prizes! Priiiiiizes!

Awesome names: second in a series

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